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In Memory of Diego Moreno Prieto - 2K56

Washington State

The first time Diego reached a mountain summit he was 11 years old. It was "Pico Occidental" (Occidental Peak), 2,480 m, 8,136 ft above sea level, in the Avila Mountain, Coast Range of Venezuela. It was a beautiful and unforgettable journey where he literally stopped to smell the flowers, to admire the insects, and to grab and play with sticks and leaves. The wonderful thing about the trajectory was not getting to the top but every step he took to get to that peak. And that's how he lived. I remember how difficult that trek was, because once the vegetation became "sub-páramo" we lost protection against the wind. Shortly before arriving, we had to hide behind an immense boulder because it was impossible to walk due to the strong winds and because we were getting too cold. A hiker, who ventured alone, recommended us to continue since we were going to get much colder. We followed his advice, and shortly after, before reaching the summit, we arrived to these amazing gardens; it seemed that a gardener had finished pruning and taking care of them, and we thought maybe, there really is something beyond this world that keeps in order the things of nature. Diego did many hikes and treks in the Avila Mountain and in taller peaks in Venezuela. The tallest peak Diego reached was Pico Humboldt, which is the second highest peak in the country, at 4,940 m., 16,210 ft above sea level. It is located in the Sierra Nevada de Merida, in the Venezuelan Andes (Mérida State). After he came to live to the United States at the age of 16, he did rock climbing and many treks at where became his home, Washington State, and in neighbor states, Idaho, Oregon, British Columbia, and California. He continued being an admirer of mountains, transmitting that love to his children, while taking them to hikes before they were even able to walk. Diego was born a July 17th and died a July 22nd, at 35 years of age. His beloved sister Alejandra, to honor him, has instituted a "Diego Moreno's Hiking & Trekking Trip" to occur every year during those days. A hike or trek to remember him doing one of the things he loved the most. Rest well son. You will always be with us.

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