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St. Louis Falls and Mines

North Cascades


North Cascades -- Mountain Loop Highway




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This is a short hike, about a half mile round trip, and not steep, so it's a good introduction for kids and new hikers. But be warned, in order to see the lower falls, hikers must ford Deer Creek, an easy enough endeavor in late summer, but snowmelt in the early season can make any fording a dangerous attempt.

Find a nice trail that descends the hill, and after a few hundred feet, on your right, you will see the first of three mines. This is the upper adit of the St. Louis Mine, and is partly caved at the entrance, with much more caving inside. Never enter any of the mines as they are prone to collapse.

Continue on, and come to a very unique flat piece of bedrock that forms a setting like a cement patio. In summer, Deer Creek flows gently over it. To your left, is the upper part of the falls, as well as the middle adit of the St. Louis mine. Don't go too near where the water is flowing over the cliff to the right, as the rock is slick!

From where the trail left off on the one bank, it picks up again on the opposite bank. Continue on, and you will come to 2 very old foot bridges. You may want to just wade the small creek, as the bridges are rotted out, but again, be careful of fording in high water. Just a few feet ahead, is an old cabin base on your left.

Here the trail turns sharply downhill to the right. It gets rocky shortly after, and crosses the small stream again. Soon you are at the base of the cliff that Deer Creek flows over. The creek creates one of the neatest waterfalls that I have ever seen. The lower adit is here, and the trail seems to turn to go directly to it. Do not enter the mines, but enjoy the refreshing waters of Deer Creek before returning to your car.

St. Louis Falls and Mines

Map & Directions


North Cascades -- Mountain Loop Highway

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Darrington Ranger District

Getting There

On Highway 20: Drive past Granite Falls. Pass Verlot, and Silverton and then cross Deer Creek on a bridge. Just a few hundred feet past the bridge is a gravel road called "Deer Creek Road". Turn here, and drive about three and a half miles on this well maintained gravel road to a very sharp hair-pin turn to the right. Keep going for about .4 miles. Park at the big pull-out on the right.

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St. Louis Falls and Mines

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