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Trip Report

Goat Peak — Friday, Jul. 3, 2020

Mount Rainier Area

As a few of the hikers below already mentioned, this hike was definitely a difficult uphill leg burner. The trail basically never lets up except for a few small patches near the top. However, the breathtaking views once you finish are amazing and worth the trek if not for some of the (what feels like) sure death falls if you were to slip on 2 or 3 of the edges.

Near the beginning of the trail, about .5 to .75 miles in, you'll get to your first clearing and beginning of the narrow path where you get a taste of a view that you know will surely get better as you continue on. I made a mistake here by looking at the view and then looking down at the steep slope/hill accompanied with the narrow pathway. This jumpstarted my fear and dictated how I felt during the whole 5 minute-ish ordeal that it took me to cross over to a safer terrain. The narrow path was laden with loose rocks/gravel and even had parts where you basically had to hop to get across to the other side. If there was any misstep here, you'd surely slide down a very unpleasant path. As the previous review already mentioned, if you do not have hiking poles or good hiking shoes, I would avoid this hike because there is one other section with a much steeper drop that will come later. 

After this point, the trail is even more relentless with its continuous uphill. Again, hiking poles feel like a must here unless you're just young and really balanced. There are several view points where you can stop and take in the view from a lower elevation level if you so wished. My buddy and I definitely took these opportunities for good pictures and rest.

When you get to the top and it seems like you can go 3 different directions, hang right and climb up some minor scramble and bask in the glory of your achievement of finishing this hike. Sign the summit registry, eat your lunch, and enjoy the awesome view. There were definitely some bugs up here, but not as bad as climbing up. I clocked a total of 6.51 miles over 4 and a half hours RT. Good luck!