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Trip Report

Labyrinth Mountain, Minotaur Lake & Minotaur

Central Cascades

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Hiked Jul 6, 2021

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Minor obstacles posing few problems


Road rough but passable


Bugs were an annoyance


Intermittent snow - not hard to cross
- Very steep & buggy until the lake.  Stopping for more than a few minutes was unpleasant.  Beyond the lake was not too bad.  
- Only mild snow patches, which will not last much longer.
- The lake was very pretty
- The trail to Labyrinth was generally not difficult to find
- Minor snow on the way to the summit.  Be careful of deep wells around the rock/snow interface
- Use of hands was helpful at the end
- The left summit had flowers, lots of lady bugs, and some old banana and orange peels, which I packed out.  The right summit seemed to have fewer bugs.  The route to the left summit is more obvious on the ascent, and from the left summit, the route to the right summit becomes obvious.
- The western road to the trailhead is still blocked, but the eastern approach is accessible.  Once the road is open again, it'll be really nice to do this hike on the way to or from Lake Wenatchee.


Anna Roth on Labyrinth Mountain, Minotaur Lake, Minotaur

Woohoo! Look at those adventure kiddos!

Posted by:

Anna Roth on Jul 09, 2021 05:32 PM

MikeOnAHike on Labyrinth Mountain, Minotaur Lake, Minotaur

They're really strong. I keep wondering when I'm going to find their limits. I'm starting to think that I might not. They basically hiked an adult pace up and down that mountain. I'd heard one time that babies and small kids would be great rock climbers because their strength to weight ratio is so good. I think I'm seeing that in action.

Posted by:

MikeOnAHike on Jul 12, 2021 08:57 AM

Anna Roth on Labyrinth Mountain, Minotaur Lake, Minotaur

That is so cool! Good for them.

Dang, if only that strength to weight ratio stuck around - I could sure use it.

Posted by:

Anna Roth on Jul 12, 2021 10:09 AM