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Libby Lake, Hoodoo Peak

North Cascades

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Hiked Sep 21, 2021

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    Trees down across trail.


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There was an advertising jingle from the 70s that went;

      When it's Libby's, Libby's, Libby's,

      On the label, label, label,

      You're going to like it, like it, like it.

Well, when you're at Libby Lake (or pretty much anywhere in the neighborhood), you're going to like it.

Larches are the name of the game around here in the fall and many have changed a lot already. As you can see from the photos though, not all have changed equally. Those around the lake, which get less sun are nearly completely golden and are already losing their needles. Those with a good southern and eastern exposure though are still doing photosynthesis and are mostly green. Fascinating.

The trail is a bit rough in spots. Grazing cows have knocked spots all to hell and a recent fire has caused for quite a few blow downs (60 by today's count, mostly 5-10" though one up to 20"). Many of the blow downs are at an annoying height as well.

Once past these minor annoyances the trail is a real pleasure. Domes and ridges of white granite make up much of the countryside that is ascended. At about 6100' the first changing larches appear. By the time you reach the old caretaker's cabin the larches are fully golden. We spent the night here as we were going to climb Hoodoo the following day. Hiking to Libby Lake without a heavy pack was so much more enjoyable. We fished at the lake and quickly had our limit.

Climbing Hoodoo in the morning was pretty straightforward. The trail passed through more beautiful larch and sub-alpine firs, eventually getting into white bark pines up high. The trail ends at a vernal pond full of fun tussocks. From here it was a longish route over tipping, teetering, and otherwise questionable rocks to the summit.


ngie on Libby Lake, Hoodoo Peak

Noice!!! I was curious about the cabin since I didn’t see it when I was there back in May.

Posted by:

ngie on Sep 21, 2021 10:55 PM

austineats on Libby Lake, Hoodoo Peak

It must have been buried under snow in May. It is five miles in right where the climbers trail turns right to go up Hoodoo. It was a caretaker's cabin for the individual who monitored the irrigation dam at the lake.

Posted by:

austineats on Sep 23, 2021 05:26 AM