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Trip Report

Anacortes Community Forest Lands - Heart Lake — Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022

Puget Sound and Islands

We arrived at the large parking area near Heart Lake around 11 AM and there were several cars parked there. It should be noted that as of this writing, Heart Lake Road still has some icy spots near the lake, mainly in the areas that don't get a lot of direct sunlight, so use caution when you are driving there. There are privies in the parking area. 

We weren't really sure about the trail conditions today so we opted for an out and back hike using Trail 210, which more or less goes around the lake until it intersects with Trail 212 near the southeast side of the lake. Trail 210 is in pretty good shape but we noticed several areas with water over the trail and a couple of trees down across the trail. There are also some places along the trail with compact snow but we got through these areas with just our boots and hiking poles. For the most part, the trail has a flat grade but there are a few ups and downs along the way, just enough to get the heart rate up a bit. 

We returned to the parking area around 2 PM. My Gaia app measured our total distance to be about 4.4 miles for the out and back hike, which is a little surprising given the mileage listed on the "official" Heart Lake map posted at the trailhead. As always, the trails in the ACFL are pretty well marked but it's always good to have a map just in case.