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Goat Mountain and Deadman's Lake — Saturday, Jul. 23, 2011

South Cascades

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Day hike
Absolutely beautiful hike on a wonderful day. The hike starts off steep and gets the blood flowing but once you get to the ridge it is fairly flat. It is also completely covered in wildflowers of all types. Beautiful! We did not know where the hike really ended - it disappeared under an overhand snow ledge, but only after where the hike should have ended on the map. We kept going for another half a mile or so just on top of the ridge - it is easy to walk over and very open as there are no trees. You can keep going further but the views are about the same (I kept hoping to get a better view of Helens which was covered by by the nearest mountains). This is also as close as you can get currently to the north east side of St.Helens as Forest Road 99 is closed, and Forest Road 26 is closed after the turn off for this hike. The road to the hike is super easy and paved all the way. There were some bugs and a little bit of snow near the top. We only saw two people on the trail which was shocking for an absolutely clear day.