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Annette Lake — Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011

Snoqualmie Region

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Day hike
Knowing that weekends attract larger crowds, we decided to be at the trail at 7am (ish) - there were only a few cars in the lot and only 2 hiking groups signed in ahead of us at the trailhead. The dogs set the pace going up (read: fast... VERY fast) and we saw no one on our way up until we neared the top and passed by a group of overnighters on their way down. The trail was only muddy in a few spots and even then the mud wasn't bad. There were ways to go around... though one of my dogs insisted on going THROUGH each section of mud. We made it to the top around 8:45am(ish) Near the very end there were some remaining patches of snow and my dogs enjoyed themselves by romping around in the snow. If you go to the right side of the lake - you need to cross some logs that are sort of held together by some cables... some of the logs are loose and submerged - be careful. I had to carry my smaller dog, a Mini Aussie over but was able to keep my balance. Toward the right there are a few places where people can camp - when we walked over there were still a few groups with pitched tents. We had lunch on a fallen log. This is where I insert the note about bug spray. BRING IT! It comes in very handy when trying to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. I sprayed some bug spray near my dogs as I saw a few daring mosquitoes try to land on my White Shepherd's nose (they became easy casualties when my dog decided to snap at them... yum?) After a quick bite I threw some sticks in the water for my dog to fetch. During this time we saw a frog. My dogs were transfixed by such a strange creature but quickly got back to playing in the water. We returned to the trail and decided to take a quick look at what was to the left side of the lake. Unfortunately someone was camped with several dogs which were running around... my dogs decided they didn't want to go in that direction so we headed back down. Going down was pretty quick. The dogs set a fast pace yet again. On the way down - around 10am(ish) we started to see more people headed up. We passed several people with dogs at which point I was yet again glad that I bought the harness from REI that I could pick my smaller dog up with as we passed. When we got down (sometime after 11am) we did notice that the parking lot was pretty much full and people were starting to park on the side of the road. Advice about this hike: Bring Bug Spray Bring good solid hiking shoes and good socks, as this trail is ROCKY and your feet will feel the pain later in the day Start off early on weekends - you're better off getting there around 7am than past 10am (plus it will be cooler earlier in the day!!)