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Trip Report

Pyramid Mountain / Pyramid Peak

Olympic Peninsula

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Hiked Feb 25, 2017

Type of Hike

Day hike

Trail Conditions

Obstacles on trail:
    Trees down across trail,
    Mud/Rock slide or washout.


Road suitable for all vehicles


No bugs


Intermittent snow - not hard to cross
There hasn't been a trip report here for a while, I hope it helps someone! Trail is in decent condition aside from downed trees (both old, and new). My assessment of the slide area is that if you're an experienced hiker, and are careful with your crossing, this should cause zero issues. However, we weren't prepared for the mass amount of rock fall coming down from above. I got pelted in the thigh pretty good and left a welt. Another big one the size of a baseball cleared my husband's head with maybe an inch to spare. Yikes! When we passed through the first time the sun was warming the rock ledges above and rocks were flying. We stepped carefully but quickly. On the way back the wind picked up and we had the same situation. Definitely not a place to hang out for long. I would be weary of crossing this area in heavy rain-a lot of the rock/gravel/mud here is very loose already. Probably goes without saying, but not a great hike for kids or babies on backs. We hit the snow line around the back side of the North ridge and microspikes are really helpful here. Had the lookout and view all to ourselves. When the masses go to Storm King, head this direction instead!