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Camano Island State Park

Puget Sound and Islands

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Hiked Dec 31, 2018

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Day hike

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This was my last of 106 hikes in 2018.  This total, averaging slightly more that 2-per-week, was quite a it more than even the already-alarming number of hikes I have taken in recent years.  I guess went hiking whenever the opportunity presented itself and ...
For this hike, I started out near the boat ramp.  I headed south, walking the road up the hill.  I caught to the loop trail and hiked around the perimeter of the park, following the beach back to the car on the final leg.  Just one down tree (LDTR 3), that I remember.  This is a very nice, short trail for a chilly and clear winter's day.
Just a few statistics on my year-o-hikes:
  - Total Hikes: 106
  - Hikes/Week: 2.04
  - Total Miles: 667.8 miles
  - Total Elevation Gain: 134840 ft
  - Percent of Hikes Done Afterwork: 35%
  - Longest Single Day: 22 miles (From "Sunnybrook" camp at junction of Image Lake/Suiattle Pass Trails to Image Lake an out to Suiattle Trailhead)
  - Most consecutive days of hiking: (all day hikes): 8 (October 15-21)
  - Most days between hikes: 12 (Tie: Jan. 15-26, Dec. 3-15)
  - Most hikes in a month: 15 (October)
  - Fewest hikes in a month: 6 (Tie: March, December)
  - Number of National Parks Hiked in: 6 (Olympic, North Cascades, Mount   Rainier, Shenandoah, Yosemite, Mammoth Caves)
  - Number of Hikes in the Driving Rain: 10
Looking back, some of the highlights of 2018 included:
-Hiking to Miners Ridge/Image Lake in 2 days instead of 3-4.  I had orginally planned on three days.  The first would carry me to the camp at the PCT/Mines' ridge junction, the second up to the Lake, and then a long march out on the third day.  Instead, I hiked a little farther on the first ady, up to the "Sunnybrook" camp, about halfway up to ridge from the PCT jnc.  The next day I went up to the lake, but was a little worried about the hike the next day being too long, so I decided to start hiking out (that was a mistake, because I really missed camping up there).  Well, first I thought I'd go to the PCT, but arriving there I decided to carry on to Canyon Creek.  Well, arriving there I figured the little "commuter" site a few miles on was a better choice, and so on and so on, until I was back at the a car.
- Hike-cation in Winthrop during Larch season.  I took several sunny October days off during the peak of Larch season, and set up homoe base in Winthrop.  Over the next few days, I hiked Maple Pass, Tatie Peak, Slate Peak, Easy Pass, Cutthroat Lake and Blue Lake (and then hiked Cascade Pass the day after driving home).  I had forgotten how breathtaking the Maple Pass loop was in particular, and greatly enjoyed my sunset hike there.  I also found out that the road from Hart's Pass to the Slate Peak parking area is sufficiently terrifying to bother even me (there are very few roads in the state that I can think to say that about).
- Fall Trip Up to Sahale Arm.  I was short on time two days before and cut it off just after Cascade Pass, but had such a great time that I decided to do it again, this time making it a long way up Sahale before turning around.  It was one of those "last sunny days" of the year.  The fall colors and the viewing were superlative.  I could have stayed up there forever.
- Again Visiting Wallace Falls (at least) once a month
Regrets (hikes I really wish I had done, but didn't):
- Sourdough Mountain
- Hidden Lake Lookout
- Shoe Lake


hikingwithlittledogs on Camano Island State Park

I really like your year end report. I also logged 106 hikes last year. I wish I had the rest of the hike data as organized as yours!

Posted by:

hikingwithlittledogs on Feb 25, 2019 09:42 AM