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Ebey's Landing

Puget Sound and Islands

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Hiked Feb 15, 2014

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Day hike
This trip report should come with a disclaimer - it was windy. I don't mean a gentle breeze, I mean WINDY. It was nonetheless exhilarating and a very fun hike. Because of the wind advisory that day, we chose this hike as it was recommended, but once we stepped out of the car at the Prairie Overlook, we knew that this area was going to be no exception to the stormy weather. The trail winds across the open prairie/farmland until it reaches the bluffs. Though we were bent over into the wind feeling like it was going to take us away, the views were gorgeous. There was only some minor mud on this section of the trail - the worst on any trail issues. We took the trail to the right and headed along the top of the bluff; again, fantastic views, interesting foliage (the trees were really cool), and lots and lots and lots of wind. Though it might look precarious, the trail itself never makes you feel like you are going to fall over. The descent down to the beach was a little hairy, as the trail was kind of wet and the sand was giving way. Once on the beach, we walked partly along the water, but were much more sheltered when we took the trail along the lagoon. This might be hard to find unless you're willing to climb up and over the large driftwood pile. Walking on the beach itself is a little bit slow because of the mixture of sand and rocks, and the waves were a little to close for comfort in the wind and rain. The nice thing about the beach is that you can clearly see where you are going and the parking lot end portion of this trail. From there it was easy to find our way back. Luckily we had a nice hot thermos of hot cocoa waiting for us at the car. Overall I would recommend this hike. Rain or shine, you will definitely feel alive!