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5 Ways to Celebrate National High Five Day

Posted by Kindra at Apr 18, 2019 01:29 PM |

Celebrate the trail community with a high five!

It’s National High Five Day!

A day to appreciate the high five and the many ways this simple gesture can be used to celebrate, congratulate and say thank you. Here are a couple of key ways to commemorate this fun day with your fellow hikers: 

Hiker High Fives Pup

Photo by Aaron Thompson, @lastoryx

1. Virtual high five

Trip reporters are a key part of the hiking community, providing current trail conditions to keep folks safe, inspiration for new adventure and information to help land managers. Take a minute to acknowledge good beta by clicking the helpfulness rating. Or go for the two-handed virtual high five by giving as get with a trip report of your own.

Hikers can thank trip reporters by letting them know that their reports are helpful.

2. Comradery clap

Put your hand out to say thank you to the folks you pass (or who pass you) politely and appropriately trail. Need a quick reminder of who has the right of way?

Trail users high five

3. The "I Appreciate You" slap

Park and forest rangers — we see them on the trail, stationed at visitor centers and driving forest roads. Park rangers are a vital part of our outdoor experience, responsible for protecting our state and national public lands. They safeguard the natural resources, ecosystems and wildlife within them, as well as all of the people who visit them.

Take WTA’s pledge to thank a ranger and then high five a ranger out on trail to say thank you.

4. Up High

Put your hand up to say thank you, when you are out on trail and you pass a volunteer crew. WTA volunteers worked on more than 250 trails around the state last year, so sooner or later you are going to come across a crew on trail. These folks are donating their time to make our trails better and there is nothing nicer than some real-time recognition of a job well done. Or, you can just thank them in your trip report.

Four WTA volunteers celebrate a job well donw with a group high five

5. Down low

So here is the low down, Washington Trails Association is a nonprofit, it is the generous support from hikers like you that makes our work possible. If you want to be a part of ensuring there are trails for everyone, forever give us five by donating to keep trails open and accessible.