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Then and Now: Trailhead Transportation

Apr 28, 2016

Ways of reaching the trailhead have transformed over the last 50 years. See how getting to Washington's wild spaces has never been easier.

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Then and Now: Variable Winters

Apr 14, 2016

Mountain snowpack changes how hikers access higher elevation trails. With a return to normal snow amounts in 2016, it may be a bit longer before hikers can enjoy certain areas.

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Then and Now: Maps and Shifting Borders

Mar 31, 2016

Despite remaining fairly static, park borders and trails do sometimes change, impacting the effectiveness of your maps.

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Then and Now: An Analog DIY for the Digital Age

Mar 17, 2016

Before backpacks had storage for cellphones and cameras, hikers had to create their own means of carrying personal items. Learn how to make your own DIY shoulder strap pouch.

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Then and Now: The First Online Trip Report

Mar 04, 2016

Hear about the humble beginnings of and the first trip report filed online.

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Learning to Get Along

Mar 01, 2016

Before the internet, websites, blogs and social media, hikers and land managers lacked opportunities to communicate and stay connected.

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Celebrate 50 Years with This Commemorative Patch

Feb 18, 2016

In 2016, Washington Trails Association is celebrating 50 years of protecting trails. It's a special milestone, which is why we've created a limited-run commemorative patch for members who join or renew at the $50+ level.

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Then and Now: A Look Back at WTA's History

Feb 04, 2016

It's our golden anniversary, celebrating 50 years of WTA. Throughout the year, we'll look back in time to our humble beginnings.

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New Look to Celebrate WTA's 50th Anniversary

Jan 15, 2016

Washington Trails Association is celebrating 50 years of protecting trails. To mark our golden anniversary, we’re unveiling a new logo.

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Northwest Exposure: Photography Tips from Dean Zulich

Oct 15, 2015

We sat down with Dean Zulich, winner of the Offbeat Outdoors category in the 2014 Northwest Exposure Photo Contest to talk photography and tips for this year's contest.

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Hello, How Can I Help You? Meet WTA's Kim Brown

Sep 02, 2015

If you call the WTA office, you'll most likely be greeted by the voice of Kim Brown, resident expert on all things hiking and chocolate.

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