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Amplifying Voices Across Our Community

Who is a hiker? What is a hike? Does it require a strenuous trek? We don’t think so. We believe that everyone who enjoys the outdoors, whether on a short stroll or on a multi-day adventure, is a hiker. A hike is about the experience.

We want to welcome more people to call themselves a hiker and enjoy the benefits of time outside. As a bonus, when more people think of themselves as hikers, the larger our community of potential advocates, stewards and champions can be. By amplifying voices and sharing stories, we can help hikers know we all belong in the outdoors.

Do you have a story idea for how to expand the definition of a hike or hikers? Email us!

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Empowering One Another: A Personal Reflection on My Experience With WTA's Emerging Leaders Program

I recently finished 12-week's in WTA's Emerging Leaders Program, a paid development opportunity for individuals who are historically underrepresented in the outdoor industry. Now, as I'm moving onto a permanent position at WTA, I'm looking back on what I learned and the power of the connections I made.

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Q&A With a GirlTrek Leader: Harriet Tubman, Walking and Community

Mar 04, 2022

On March 10, GirlTrek encourages folks to walk in honor of Harriet Tubman's 200th birthday. We talked with Trina Baker, a leader for GirlTrek and a member of WTA's board, about why this event is so important — and why she's so passionate about the power of walking and community.

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How to Help if You See Harassment or Bias on Trail

Dec 08, 2021

Trails should be welcoming and safe for everyone. Here's some ways you can help if you encounter incidents on bias on trail.

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Bravespace Film Reclaims the Outdoors for Women of Color

A new film puts Black, Indigenous and women of color in front of and behind the camera to create community and connection. | By Jessi Loerch

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Take This Survey — And Help Make King County Parks More Equitable

Jul 22, 2021

King County Parks is soliciting community feedback via survey on priorities, needs and barriers related to park, trail and natural area access.

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'You Belong' Washington-Based Film Centers the Stories of Women of Color

Mar 25, 2021

A new film seeks to build community in the outdoors for women of color — and help reshape the narrative of who belongs in outdoor spaces.

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