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Mountain Loop Highway Updates

Progress on WTA's work on the Mountain Loop Highway.

WTA identified the Mountain Loop Highway area as a prime candidate for our Trails Rebooted work because of its proximity to a large (and growing) population and its wide array of recreation opportunities. Currently, demand outpaces the ability to provide an array of recreation experience here, but WTA, the Forest Service, Department of Natural Resources, and other stakeholders in the area are working to improve the recreation experience here by looking for innovative solutions to land management and trying to understand what the communities here need through engagement processes.

    • Community Engagement: In late summer of 2020, WTA hosted a survey to understand what people who live, play and work on the Mountain Loop Highway care most about in this area. Take a look at the results.

Recent Work and Investments on the Mountain Loop Highway

Northwest Weekend: Explore the Mountain Loop Highway, from River Valleys to Soaring Peaks

The Mountain Loop, which runs between Arlington and Granite Falls, offers endless options for a weekend of exploring — both on trail and in town. | By Anna Roth

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A Trails Rebooted Plan for a Special Area Near Mount Rainier

Aug 19, 2021

WTA is working with our partners to create new and improved opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Snoquera area, which offers an excellent area to disperse use from Mount Rainier National Park and other trails.

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Helping Hikers and Collecting Vital Information on the Mountain Loop Highway

Aug 09, 2021

This summer, keep your eyes out for WTA volunteers on the Mountain Loop Highway. They won't be wearing hard hats — these folks will be in Gothic Basin and at Cutthroat Lakes several times this summer, sharing information about recreating responsibly and sustainably and doing visitor counts for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

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One Year Later: How the Great American Outdoors Act Is Funding Trail Fixes

Aug 06, 2021

One year on from the signing of the Great American Outdoors Act, funding for stewardship and maintenance of trails has helped WTA to make great strides in our work. With four more years of GAOA funding to go, we're optimistic at what we can achieve, but we know that making trails for everyone, forever will take a lot more work.

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GAOA Provides Vital Funding for Public Lands

Mar 03, 2021

The Great American Outdoors Act was a huge win for the outdoor community. Here’s some of the ways it will help Washington.

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Meeting The Need: Investments on the Mountain Loop Highway

Feb 26, 2021

With more people discovering a love for trails, it's important to ensure the trail system can manage the increased needs. Here's how WTA is working on that goal in one part of Washington.

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1 Trail, 2 Decades, 15 Stories

Feb 25, 2021

WTA started as a way for hikers to share their experiences on trails, and those decades of stories (now shared as trip reports on compose a collective memory of Washington’s hiking community. We’ve gone back through nearly 1,000 trip reports for Goat Lake along the Mountain Loop Highway to highlight the variety of experiences that this trail has supported over the years.

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Hiker Headlines: We Want to Hear From You, Trails Rebooted, SOAR Act

Jul 30, 2020

It’s July 30. We’d like to hear your thoughts on a couple things. We’re celebrating some Trails Rebooted wins this year. And we’re excited to see the SOAR act moving ahead in Congress. Here’s some news you might have missed while out on trail this week.

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Tell Us About It: What Do You Think of the Mountain Loop Highway?

Jul 28, 2020

The Mountain Loop Highway has a ton of recreation options but needs investment to improve visitor experience and environmental help. Tell us what you like about hiking here and help shape the future of this gorgeous place.

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Low Snow, High Peaks and Big Views: Summer's Coming to Washington

Jul 06, 2020

The long weekend inspired a lot of you to get outside. Trip reports show everything from backyard to backcountry, and a lot of you headed to some standby areas for adventure: the Mountain Loop Highway, Snoquera, and the Teanaway, part of WTA's Trails Rebooted campaign.

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